Masstrad was founded in 2017 as a trading company in the food packaging industry. Since 2020, Masstrad has been producing and offering various types of products to its customers.

Our product range includes hot and cold paper cups, salad/soup bowls, many kind of food boxes - nested trays, döner box, noodle box, hamburger boxes,french freis boxes, take-away boxes, sushi box, sandwich boxes. Masstrad is performing continuous self-renewal and current technological developments. Customer satisfaction and product quality is the most important object for our Company. We design and manufacture products with the highest quality and functional properties, our products are manufactured in accordance with all hygiene and safety rules applicable to the production of food packaging.


To fulfill obligations towards customers, the environment and society, ensuring the efficiency and relevance of the processes with the best quality and price.


To be an environmentally sensitive international company, maintaining awareness and reliability, without compromising ethical principles and quality.